Fantastic Healthcare Cleaning Services

Healthcare facilities are subject to strict legislation with regards to standards of hygiene, and health providers must ensure that a detailed, regular cleaning plan is followed to ensure minimum risk of infection for patients.

Lightowler has the experience and knowledge to maintain a clean and safe environment for patients in facilities from hospital wards to operating theatres.

We can provide specialised cleaning services tailored to meet the specific needs of different wards and facilities, working around the clock. Our team also offers extensive deep cleaning and decontamination services.

Our commitment to providing services 24 hours a day ensures all jobs can be completed with minimal disruption to procedures and planned operations.

Our team also specialises in ensuring food preparation areas and kitchens in cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and any other food production businesses meet the strict hygiene standards, under The Health and Safety Act and Food Hygiene Act.

Services include the cleaning of cooking equipment to extraction fans, filter cleaning and duct cleaning.

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Why Choose Lightowler?

We care:

Everyone at Lightowler is on a mission to provide you with a great service and experience. Since 1850, our true family values have served our customers well and many have been with us for years. By valuing and taking care of your business, we have managed to innovate and embrace new ideas, allowing us to operate simply, quickly and efficiently so not just meet, but exceed expectations.

We’ve been around since 1850

How many companies can trace their history back more than 160 years? We can, and that’s 160 years of experience dealing with a broad range of clients that can be drawn on to provide you with an array of outstanding, high quality services that you can trust.

Trusted by our customers

Our levels of repeat business from customers – with more than 9 out of 10 clients retaining our services year after year– are proof that our approach is the right one, and we are a team to trust. We know once you’ve used Lightowler, you’ll come back to us.

We invest in technology to improve our service

Our commitment to continually improving our customer service has seen us invest heavily in the latest digital software, allowing our customers to see real time information on the work we are doing for them – from what time we will arrive to updating job progress and quality control. We have nothing to hide and want you to see how well we work.